Samples were offered some of the produce as a head of lettuce/chard, herb leaves, living herb or punnet of microgreens and ratings (1-low) to 5-high) were requested for quality, taste, amount, packaging, Labelling

  • Excellent produce. Very crisp and fresh tasting with generous amount in biodegradable packaging. The design of packaging is clever and partly transparent to view the freshness of the whole product. The labelling is clear and simple. I would definitely buy and recommend this product wherever it is available. I would be most happy to pay asking price in shop. I would rate this product 5 out of five and strongly recommend to other consumers”–Fabuli

  • “My ratings are gonna be 5 for all the criteria listed above. I will definitely buy it from the shops as they are available freshly n I can use them whenever I want as there are no use by dates for these plants. My living herb is fresh even after 4 weeks. A short information about the plant’s name (and other details like how much water it needs, suitable temperature for keeping it, its uses, shelf life etc) attached to the package might be useful for the user…especially if the local community is not familiar with the living herbs. I’m very much interested in using sustainable local produce as it supports the growth of local community by giving job opportunities and also, it reduces global carbon footprint.” –Kavitha

  • “leaves were fantastic thank you so much. I really enjoyed them.” quality:  5 taste:   5. amount:  5 packaging: 5 Labelling: 5

    “I would buy it from the shop as it’s a great product but also because I know what social impact it is having buying it.”


  • “We were impressed with your vegetables, they were fresh and full of flavour. We had your lettuce and rocket in sandwiches, full of flavour and tender, some rocket you buy can be stringy, woody.

    Your Kale was flavourful and tender, less “woody” than the supermarket bought chopped kale or even the Cavalo Nero from Sainsburys or Tescos. I think it wilted quicker though, in fridge overnight but it didn’t impair its flavour, sauteed with mushrooms, butter and garlic.

    We ate your Microgreens in a variety of ways, sprinkled over poached eggs, on top of korma for colour and ultimately into the soup maker so as not to waste any.”

    quality: 5   taste: 5.  amount: 4.  packaging: 5.  Labelling: 5